Why choose Crypto360?


The first custody and conveyance off-chain service about crypto for individuals.

Keep your cryptocurrencies safe and/or make them passable on to third party by continuing to freely manage your assets. Safeguard yourself from loss, theft and determinable events a priori, with a legal guarantee that we are currently the only ones to offer on the market. The "Private Key" is the means of access to your cryptocurrencies. Make a copy and put it in a safe place, making possible to pass it on to third parties according to the contractual cases identified. 

Safeguarded in case of loss, theft and determinable events a priori, with a legal guarantee that we are currently the only ones to offer on the market.

The "Private Key" is the means of access to your cryptocurrencies. Make a copy and put it in a safe place, making it possible to pass it on to third parties according to the contractual cases identified.



The back-up that assures you and your family members

100 / y

Storage + Conveyance

Keep it and if the event occurs, pass it on to a third party

100 / y

Conveyance (ad hoc)

Tailored to your needs


Service activation

200 / Una Tantum
storage private key

Crypto360 S.r.l. its objective is to make the whole process of preserving private keys transparent, simple, secure and reliable.

Private key storage is carried out both physically and virtually, on geo-synchronised and backed-up server clouds.

This helps protect the assets stored from any potential damage to the physical copies.

Like with a safe deposit box, you need two keys to access and decrypt the contents of the file: one held by the file’s beneficiary, and one held by Crypto S.r.l.

Crypto 360 S.r.l. allows you to decide the moment or the event at which your digital assets are released. From the moment your contract is drawn up, you decide where, how and when your assets will become available to whomever you choose! Crypto360’s job is to respect your contract.


A few responses to your most commonly-asked questions



Private key is nothing else than an alphanumeric code, it can be kept as a text file. By the way, we can assume that this encryption phase is designed to make the information contained in the text file indecipherable to anyone through encryption. At this stage we recommend to use a third part encryption software as advise on our guide avaiable on personal area. In this phase, the client will be advised to download a third-party encryption software (that is not made by Crypto360) available together with the guide in the personal area. Once installed, in a simple way, the customer can encrypt the file thus giving it an access password. In this way, encrypted file cointent is knowed by customer only. Once installed, in a simple way, the customer can encrypt the file such giving it an access password. At this point the file is encrypted and only the client is aware of its contents.



Hash is an unique identification of a file, so it is a way to verify its integrity. It is an alphanumeric code that is automatically generated by an algorithm though the encrypted file given as input. The output is a code that is is linked to the binary file and its creation date and time.

What the customer needs to do are just two simple steps.

As for the encryption software, we will recommend an hash generation software. The first step will therefore consist in downloading and installing the software. Once done, the only thing the user will have to do is run the program and then drag the file inside the app window. From the encrypted file will be generated the hash. just transcript it.



The customer now has hash and encrypted file available. What to do now is log in into Crypto360's website and upload encrypted file and write the hash to the dedicated section of your personal area.



Crypto360 have to verify the hash of received file again to prevent files corruption, as the customer do. The generated hash have to match hash that the customer provided, otherwise it meant that the file was modified from external entyties over the upload process. Comparison between hashes serves to the transitional phase, on both sides, customer and Crypto360, can verify the integrity of the file.



Once the integrity of the encrypted file has been verified, Crypto360 will proceed by assigning a second encryption layer to enance security level. In this way, to be opened the file requires a double password: first layer owned by Crypto360, second one owned by customer. At this stage, the doubly encrypted file will be ready to be archived by us on our warehouse.



Archiving is also an extremely secure system, as it allow 2 different ways of preservation. The first option is to carry to our office the physical file, inside a hard drive, protected in turn by a password and get to allow to inserted it inside our vault. The second option is to put the file on your personal area on our site, then we take care to propagate it to the cloud and geo de-localize the files. We take care to get optimal security measures.




Crypto360 will pick up the doubly encrypted file that it has previously deposited in the cloud.



At this point Crypto360 will have to perform the second level decryption with the password in its possession used in the "double private key encryption" step. The file now remains protected only by the password originally assigned to it by the customer.



File will be uploaded to the customer's personal area ready to be downloaded.



Client will be notified of the availability of downloading file in his private area, so he has no choice but to proceed with the download.



Once file has been downloaded, customer will be guided by Crypto360 to check again the correspondence of the hash to ensure once again that file has not been compromised during the download phase. The procedure will be the same one carried out in the "verify hash" step, only in this case it will be the customer who has to verify that the code is the same as the one that Crypto360 received from the original customer. Once verified the hash of file and therefore of its integrity, customer can proceed independently and in total freedom to definitively decrypt the file.



At this point the customer, or beneficiary indicated in the contract, is in possession of the original file in which the private key is kept to access funds. With the 1st level password used originally to encrypt the file, client will have to decrypt the file.

Absolutely not! The service we offer stems from the needs of some of our clients to securely store the private key to their wallet, but Crypto360 stores any asset on behalf of a third party, as long as it is digitised.

You are the one to decide when your assets will become available! Do you want to write your assets into your will? Do you want to store your assets securely until your son’s 18th birthday? Would you like your assets to become available every Christmas Day? These are just a few examples of “releasing” your assets: but you are always the one to decide how, where and when.

Certainly! With two encryption keys, your assets are pretty much untouchable; and if there are updates in the decryption technology, Crypto360 will immediately update their technology accordingly.  

Your assets are physically stored in the Crypto360 server, and stored virtually in other geo-synchronised servers owned by Crypto360.

Geo-synchronised means that the servers used to store your digital assets can’t be found in neighbouring areas, but are spread out across the world.


Maurizio Possega, Founder of Crypto360, together with ALGEBRICA, technological partner, have created a video explaining in detail our private key storage service.