Most frequent questions and answers

CRYPTO360 is among the very first businesses operating in Italy and online that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a simply and trustworthy way. CRYPTO360’s mission is to make cryptocurrency easy to access, and to help our clients resolve their doubts and problems both through human intermediation and through our online channel.

CRYPTO360 è un’azienda che si avvale di trader professionisti che operano nel settore della finanza da più di venti anni. Il servizio di CRYPTO360 è un servizio trasparente e conforme alle pratiche AML (Anti money laudering) e applica pratiche KYC (know Your custumer) a tutela delle leggi e dei suoi clienti. Puoi venire a verificare la nostra professionalità presso le nostre sedi operative, che puoi trovare nella sezione Contact.

To operate with any of our channels at CRYPTO360, you will need a means of identification, a “codice fiscale” (Italian social security number), an email address and a wallet of pre-selected currency. If you don’t know how to create or use a wallet, you can use one of our guides or come and find us in our office, where a member of our team can help you.

Certainly, you can use any device on which your chosen wallet is running.

Your personal data will be used according to the European personal data handling regulations (GDPR).

CRYPTO360 under no circumstances has access to your capital, and does not manage clients’ wallets, intended as a management service based on clients’ individual investment wallets by a third party.

CRYPTO360, operating through its professional traders, buys for you at the best available price at the moment of your request. The price of cryptocurrency is greatly variable: for this reason, our operators aim to process your order in the shortest time possible.

CRYPTO360 operates both online and in our offices. Through our web service, you can purchase a selection of the main cryptocurrencies for capitalisation. Alternatively, visiting our office, you are able to buy unlimited amounts of any cryptocurrency, as well as reselling them, with a variety of consultancy services also available to you.

The minimum amount you can buy is €100, and the minimum amount you can sell is the equivalent of €100. If you are looking to buy or sell more than €100,000, contact us..

Our preferred payment method is via bank transfer, but it is also possible to pay in cash directly in our office, up to the figures set out by the terms of the law.

You can easily liquidate your cryptocurrency into common currency within the terms of the law, with a pre-booked appointment in our offices. This limit decreases in the case of payment via bank transfer.

The payment method used within CRYPTO360 is bank transfer. However, it is also possible to work with cash from €100, but only by directly visiting our offices. Other forms of payment will soon be available.

The cryptocurrency world is constantly evolving: CRYPTO360’s consultants can give you a hand in choosing which are the best and understanding which currencies are most interesting to you. Come and visit us in our offices..

The operating time can vary greatly depending on your chosen currency. The main currencies are usually processed within half an hour. Particularly heightened online traffic conditions can increase the processing time. In any case, you will be notified of any progress and/or of the completed transaction via email.

CRYPTO360 operates with most of the countless existing cryptocurrencies. A selection of the main currencies are already available on our online channel: for any others, do not hesitate to come and visit our offices.

CRYPTO360 is a company with physical offices. You can contact us through any of the addresses found on the “Contact” section of our website..

All services offered at CRYPTO360 require customers to be over 18 years of age in order to receive payment.

We ask you to pay close attention when providing the address of any cryptocurrency. A particular characteristic (and one of the best guarantees) of all blockchains is the inflexibility of transactions, meaning that we cannot in any way cancel a transaction.

Every buying and selling operation carried out by CRYPTO360 requires the customer to provide photo ID. Therefore, every single operation is strictly personal. Additionally, in accordance with our customers and with the law, CRYPTO360 conforms to AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

CRYPTO360 can assist you in the participation of an ICO. Please do not hesitate to visit our office for a personalised consultation.

CRYPTO360 issues regular invoices.

Yes, it’s possible. If you have any doubts, you can always contact us..