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Dear Client, in accordance with the current anti money laundering legislation (Digs. 90/17 art. 18), we are obliged to request information on the work you carry out and on your relationship with our society.

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You will be asked for your PIN code every time you place a new order; it is a simple recognition code that, along with your social security number, will allow you to long in securely and quickly to the order form.
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a. The client consumer is the one who declares that he wants the provision of services to be carried out by Crypto360 already during the withdrawal period of fourteen days from the stipulation of the contract envisaged by art. 52 paragraph 2 of the Consumer Code aware that Crypto360 will be in the event of withdrawal exercised by the customer pursuant to the aforementioned art. 52, the consideration established in point 12.2 of the Contract in compliance with art. 57 of the Consumer Code.
b. The Client no-consumer it is he who declares Pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 c.c. to expressly approve the economic conditions, the duration of the contract - withdrawal and the applicable law and jurisdiction.

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