Forget Bot and Trading System, ALGO is much more!

Let's take a look at the elements that make up ALGO's ecosystem


All-in-one tools with display function for summarizing in an orderly manner a series of aggregated data of the various exchanges.

  • Orders Watcher

    Gather and manage in a single window the current, executed, partial and cancelled orders together of all the connected exchanges.

  • Wallet

    Keep track of trades of each individual instrument by displaying the profits and losses of each of them and view in total return of your management.

  • Dictionary

    All pairs that you can trades from all connected exchanges in a single window.


Graphically monitors the market inefficiencies reported by the ad hoc (logical) algorithms developed.

  • Multi Exchange Arbitrage

    Use our system that show you the best arbitrage opportunities in the various markets.


Advanced dispositive logics’s trading that act on the market (buy and sell) autonomously when the pre-established conditions are verified. 

  • Easy Quote Strategy

    Feature Item 1 content

  • Close Strategy

    Feature Item 2 content

Let us develop what your Trading activities need.

We are able to create and improve custom exstension to our already powerful platform, thanks our trading and coding knowledges .