Maurizio Possega


Possega has been a trader since 2000, specialising in arbitrage and low latency trading. He discovered the world of cryptocurrency in 2010, starting with data-mining before moving over to trading.

Elia Esposito


Esposito brings his highly-skilled experience into the heart of Italy’s pioneering online trading company – Directa Sim. This has been a 15-year-long journey that has seen him involved with a range of different business sectors, leading him to form links with many companies. Esposito has been studying cryptocurrency and finding new incentives in the crypto world since 2014.

Davide Biocchi


A trader since 1998, Biocchi is an eight-time international trading champion. He founded TradingWeek, DBchart and the Trading League. He devised and created TWBook, co-founded “La Ciccio Economy” and wrote “L’ABC di Borsa”. He collaborates with Directa and “Il Secolo XIX”. He is also a columnist for RadioRai, Class-Cnbc and Le Fonti TV.

Ivan Rossi


Creative with multidisciplinary attitude to problem solving. Experience and strong interest in the marketing world, marked curiosity for new technologies and economic background. Present in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2015.

Algebrica S.r.l.


A company with long-standing experience in software development for low latency trading, financial platforms and monitoring systems. Supported by a professional team of developers and traders, it carries out short-term operations based on cutting-edge technology that pinpoints opportunities for arbitrage in stock markets across the world.

Demetrio Siragusa

Crypto specialist

Online since 1993, on the internet since 1996. Siragua is has been interested in open-source software since 2004, and has worked with Open P2P Design since 2007. He has been following the blockchain world since 2011, and has worked on cryptocurrency with Algebrica since 2016.

Andrea Tolazzi


A professional in the trading world since 2002, Tolazzi specialises in technical analysis and in the detection of mispricing in both the Asian market and the world of bonds. He started with Algebrica in 2015, bringing his knowledge of bonds to develop algorithms in HFT.

Luca Zenzola


Passionate about finance, Zenzola has been a developer since 2006, and joined the Algebrica development team in 2015. He specialises in desktop programming for High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Algo trading.

Ciro De Stefano


Developer since 2003, he specialised initially in creating software for tax return management, and then in programming platforms for low latency trading.